Educational Classes

Take the self-paced and self-assessment style training classes that provide important transmission of learning materials. Classes include System 21 and System 22 Screw Thread Inspection. Great for initial exposure or reinforcing key fundamentals in screw thread inspection.

Screw Thread Gaging Systems for Acceptability

Thread assemblies are designed to meet specific engineering requirements. Industry and certain companies have outlined screw thread acceptability requirements. ASME outlines System 21, System 22 and System 23 levels of acceptability. The Aerospace and Defense industry through specifications such as AS8879, MIL-S-7742 and DTL-1222 have also defined levels of acceptability. This section will provide information on System 21, System 22 as well as Other Thread and Category 1 requirements.

Gage Setting and Operating Instructions specific to Johnson Gage

Johnson Gage has been innovating Thread Inspection Systems for over 100 years. Customers are offered a large selection of External and Internal Thread Inspection systems. This section covers the Setting and Operating instructions from many of the standard thread gage frames. If there is a legacy frame or a new frame not covered in this section, please don’t hesitate to contact Johnson Gage directly.

Surveillance of Gage Element Wear

Thread gages and thread gaging elements are produced, calibrated and certified following the specifications and dimensions outlined in ASME B1 documents. In this section, careful consideration is given to gage element wear, GO Functions Tri-Rolls (Multi) Pitch Diameter Tri-Rolls (Single), Functional Segments, Pitch Diameter Segments all will wear from the original geometry. The information in this section will provide the knowledge to properly understand gage element wear and provide you information in the decision to have the gage elements evaluated and calibrated.

Technical Topics

We start with fundamentals like thread size and form. We outline the difference between UN and UNJ, discuss the effects of plating on a UN Thread form. We will continue to add to the content and hopefully we can reinforce or clear up any technical discussions. If your topic is not listed, please do not hesitate to reach out to Johnson Gage and talk to your representative.

Your Comprehensive Guide for Screw Thread Inspection